Oxymetholone 50 mg is the active component in Dragon Pharma’s Oxymetholone, which is a prescription oral steroid.

It’s an excellent thing for increasing strength and size dramatically. This drug is highly anabolic, resulting in greater red blood cell count and hunger.

Oxymetholon, according to many bodybuilders, is the most powerful oral on the market for sheer mass gain.

What is Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon? Dragon Pharma

Dragon Pharma’s Oxymetholon, a prescription oral steroid, contains oxymetholone as the active component.

Bodybuilders trust Dragon Pharma Oxymetholone to be the most powerful oral on the market for sheer mass gain.

Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon has a very similar impact to Dianabol and works well with just about everything.

Difference between Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon and other Oxymetholone products.

Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon differs from other Oxymetholon tablets in that it has a different anabolic/androgenic ratio.

Dragon Pharma’s Oxymetholon is one of the strongest oral steroids on the market. Only once a day is necessary for Oxymetholon. In terms of anabolic activity, Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon is just as powerful if not stronger than Dragon Pharma’s original version.

Expected results when using Oxymetholon

Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon is a mass builder and strength enhancer that causes hunger. Oxymetholon is also capable of increasing appetite after the initial “burst” of activity has subsided.

Depending on how you respond to it, Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon may increase weight by 10-20 pounds or more.

Things to remember when taking Dragon Pharma Oxymetholone

Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon should only be taken by healthy people since it is a strong steroid. If you have not used Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon in over two weeks, do not take it again unless advised to do so by your physician.

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If you take Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon incorrectly or excessively, the liver may be harmed. It should be noted that Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon is a prescription medication available in tablet form.

Is Oxymetholone for you?

Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon is a very powerful steroid. It increases hunger, resulting in greater red blood cell count and appetite.

Oxymetholon provides significant weight and bulk gains, making it an excellent bulking agent. Depending on personal requirements and preferences, Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon can be used alone or with other Dragon Pharma steroids.

Why Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon  is the better choice?

Oxymetholon, also known as Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon, is a highly potent oral steroid that increases body weight and bulk.

Oxymetholon may be used alone or in combination with other Dragon Pharma products. For those who utilize Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon correctly, it provides excellent results. Furthermore, Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon is a high-quality pharmaceuticals produced in FDA-approved facilities that are on the bleeding edge of scientific development.

Both men and women can use Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon.

Safety when using Oxymetholon

The safest moment to take Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon is in the morning, with or without food. Oxymetholon can raise estrogen levels, which might cause gynecomastia (male breast enlargement).

If you have high blood pressure, prostate issues, or heart disease, it should not be taken. It’s a prescription medication that must be used correctly.

Oxymetholon should not be used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon can induce serious liver issues in some people, particularly women. This product might also cause low HDL levels.

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Reaching your goals with Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon

Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon is a powerful anabolic steroid that can help you build lean muscle mass and bulk.

This is also a wonderful steroid for athletes looking to get stronger and increase their endurance or explosiveness.

Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon aids in the development of strength, but it does not improve technique, so proper training will be required. Dragon Pharmaceuticals Oxymetholon is a prescription-only hormone that must be used as directed.

Users review on Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon

  1. Albert Steele, October 2021. Dragon Pharma Oxymetholone is a potent drug that works effectively; I gained 5 kg of muscles in just 6 weeks. I would highly advise it.
  2. Abel North, October 2021. WOOHOO It’s 7 days since I started Oxymetholon and I’m loving it! Strength gains are through the roof, and my diet is low in sodium, so I’m hoping to avoid bloating. So far, none have appeared; it’s been excellent for relieving joint and ligament pain. Started out with 25 mg for the first three days since I’m aiming for lean mass on anadrol, then upped it to 50… Dragon Pharma doesn’t let me down. Next I’m trying there anavar and winny as a loyal customer.
  3. Clayton Ross, September 2021. WOW! Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon is no joke! Strength and size improvements are incredible! This pre-workout is great for a bulk, particularly as a kick start to a lengthy ester cycle. It could be your best friend if you use it responsibly!
  4. Randall Wallace, August 2021. Oxymetholon is a wonderful drug. I added 30 pounds to my bench press! Dragon pharma Oxymetholon is extremely powerful, but it has some negative side effects, so you must use it carefully.
  5. Corey Ramirez, July 2021. I’ve been using Dragon Pharma Oxymetholone for nearly a year now. It’s an incredible medicine! Every time I receive 100% quality service!
  6. Luther Cannon, June 2021. The results were incredible! In less than 5 weeks, I gained 25 pounds and maintained the majority of my gains after coming off Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon. It not only helps me recover faster, but it also has no bloating, which is always a plus. For anybody looking to gain mass fast, I highly suggest this supplement.
  7. Emilio Flores, May 2021. I’ve tried many different Oxymetholon products, but Oxymetholon from Dragon Pharma is the best. I’m frequently asked what I’m taking because Dragon Pharma’s Oxymetholone certainly works!
  8. Gerardo Smith, May 2021. Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon is a fantastic mass-gaining steroid. It’s ideal to stack Dragon Pharmaceuticals Dianabol-10 and Anavar with it.
  9. Jake Alexander, February 2021. This is a fantastic Product! Dragon Pharmaceutical Oxymetholon is a more affordable option than other brands. My strength increased dramatically! I’ll be buying again soon! The only issue I had was that Dragon Pharmaceutical Oxymetholon caused me to break out horribly, but it’s not as bad as other things.
  10. Philip Hunter, January 2021. I purchased this Dragon Pharmaceutical Oxymetholone on a whim because of its positive feedback. I’ve never used another Dragon Pharmaceutical supplement before, but I’m very happy with their Oxymetholon and the effects it’s given me. If you want to acquire serious size, this is not something to be avoided.
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Be an ox with Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon

With Dragon Pharmaceuticals Oxymetholon, you can pump iron like a bull. Oxymetholon is a steroid that increases appetite, strength, and bulk.

Since Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon doesn’t need to be injected frequently, it’s simple to take during bulking periods.

What do you have to lose? NOW buy your Dragon Pharma Oxymetholon!